Wordpress BluePrint : For Startup

By : JOMBIZ Network on 4 Jan 2017

We are often asked for recommendations on best WordPress plugins and services. People particularly want to know about the plugins and tools that we use to run the WPBeginner website. As a r...

Jot Form vs Google Forms

By : JOMBIZ Network on 4 Jan 2017

I’ve been using Google Forms for several years now for surveys and other quick jobs where I need to collect information from multiple people easily and quickly.  But last year I was in t...

Google Sites for Startup Website

By : JOMBIZ Network on 4 Jan 2017

Over the years, I've authored websites in just about every possible way. In fact, in early 2000's at Altuit, we created our own website CMS (Content Management System) calle...

The 14 Best Online Form Builders for Every Task

By : JOMBIZ Network on 4 Jan 2017

When you need to collect information, learn people’s preferences or gather feedback, there’s nothing better than a form. Sure, forms can be boring, but that depends on what tool you cho...

Woocommmerce vs Opencart : Ecommerce Platform Right For You

By : JOMBIZ Network on 3 Jan 2017

As more and more businesses are moving their products and services online, eCommerce players are making every serious effort to respond to their customer needs and wants in the manner most effectiv...

Panduan Lengkap Beli Rumah Pertama

By : JOMBIZ Network on 3 Jan 2017

Ada orang kata susahnya beli rumah. Tetapi pelik tak kenapa ada orang boleh beli banyak rumah macam beli karipap sedangkan gaji anda dan gaji mereka sama sahaja?

The Best Email Services Providers for Small-Medium Business

By : JOMBIZ Network on 2 Jan 2017

This comprehensive guide will help you in getting started with SMTP relay delivery service of your choice:  

Envato: The Most Profitable Start-up You Haven't Heard

By : JOMBIZ Network on 2 Jan 2017

It is the most successful and profitable – and least known – Australian start-up and global technology company. It is m...

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business

By : JOMBIZ Network on 26 Dec 2016

We know that different businesses have diverse email marketing needs. We researched and reviewed dozens of email marketing software and came up with the ones we think are best for a variety of busi...

8 Amalan Mengurus Stress Menurut Islam

By : JOMBIZ Network on 26 Dec 2016

Dalam kehidupan hari ini, terdapat banyak perkara yang menyumbang kepada tekanan dan stress. Ini kerana corak kehidupan hari ini yang terpaksa menghadapi pelbagai masalah seperti beban kerja dan ta...

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