7 Salah Faham Utama Berkaitan Cukai Di Kalangan Pemilik Enterprise

275 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 16 Nov 2016

Sepanjang tempoh 10 tahun dalam kerjaya sebagai juruaudit, saya dapati ada 7 salah faham utama berkaitan cukai di kalangan pemilik enterprise.   #1 – Sudah Bayar Zakat B...

JomBiz Booking and Reservation Module

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HOW TO USE How to use Guide – Using...

Facebook Live 101 : Video Marketing on Facebook

291 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 11 Nov 2016

Since August 2015, a new service on Facebook has been making some big waves in the realm of video: Facebook Live. Through a slow release of Live, more and more personal profiles and businesses have...

10 Reasons People Abandon Online Shopping Carts

260 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 11 Nov 2016

You design a beautiful ecommerce website. You populate it with a number of awesome products, and you make sure that the products are showcased well. You spend a good amount of time, effort and mone...

Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences: Target Those Who Interact

357 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 11 Nov 2016

When Facebook first released Engagement on Facebook Custom Audiences, it was exciting to think of the targeting possibilities. We’re now able to target those who engage with

How to Record your Desktop Screen or Make Live Video with YouTube

352 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 9 Nov 2016

Screencasting is simple. You download a software program, hit the record button and a video of your computer screen is created, ready for uploading to YouTube. There are a plethora of

How to Avoid Facebook Jail or Facebook Time Out for Your Direct Selling Business

293 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 9 Nov 2016

I was alerted by one of my Facebook fans, that the network marketing company she represents has been...

11 Types of Employees You Meet at a Tech Company

398 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 1 Nov 2016

Ever wanted to know what it’s like working at a tech company? Consider this a beginner’s guide to tech employee stereotypes.  

You Are Worth $182 To Google, $158 To Facebook And $733 To Amazon!

301 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 1 Nov 2016

Did you ever imagine how much would you (as a user) be worth to some of the companies whose products you use on a regular basis? How much does Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn value you in dol...

New Call-to-Action Button Options for Facebook Pages

456 Views - By : JOMBIZ Network on 23 Oct 2016

Up until now, Facebook has allowed brands to use call-to-action buttons on their posts and pages, but the actions were limited. Facebook’s latest announcement puts power behind the buttons pl...