Google Sites for Startup Website

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Over the years, I've authored websites in just about every possible way. In fact, in early 2000's at Altuit, we created our own website CMS (Content Management System) calle...

Cara Daftarkan Bisnes Anda di Google Map

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Google mempunyai satu direktori khas yang dikenali sebagai Google Business. Apabila anda mendaftar dengan Google Business, maka ianya akan meningkatkan visibiliti bisnes anda di Google. ...

Langkah-Langkah Melancarkan Iklan Facebook Ads Pertama Anda

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Jika sebelum ini kami pernah berkongsi dengan anda langkah demi langkah melancarkan kempen AdWords pertama and...

How to turn your Android smartphone into a webcam for your Windows PC

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Do you have a Windows laptop or a computer that you use for making Skype calls, but you don't have a webcam to use with it? Or maybe your laptop's built-in webcam just broke, and you must p...

Hacking GMail To Use Custom Domains For Free

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It’s pretty much common knowledge that Gmail is awesome. It’s fast, connects seamlessly with the rest of your Google services such as Drive, has a cool app called


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10 SEO Tips For Website That You N??d? t? Kn?w

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A beautifully written ?nd designed website i?n’t mu?h good with?ut built-in SEO elements. I? ??ur site lacking search engine optimization? If so, it’? lik? a 5-star restaurant ?n ?n unc...

How to use Hashtags for SEO

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Hashtags are ubiquitous in this day and age; there’s just no escaping them, they permeate pop songs, everyday conversation and, most importantly, social media. Let&...

Cara Buka Akaun Paypal Secara Online

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Pertama sekali untuk membuka akaun paypal anda mesti mempunyai Debit Card. Card Visa yang kita buat cucuk gaji 24 hari bulan tu..:D Sekarang sungguh mudah sebab semua local bank di Malaysia seperti...