Using the robots meta tag by Google Webmaster

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Recently, Danny Sullivan brought up good questions about how search engines handle meta tags...

How to turn your Android smartphone into a webcam for your Windows PC

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Do you have a Windows laptop or a computer that you use for making Skype calls, but you don't have a webcam to use with it? Or maybe your laptop's built-in webcam just broke, and you must p...

How to screen share when using Facebook Live on desktop and the Chrome browser

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There is now a new feature available for those who want to live stream from desktop using Chrome – the ability to share your screen. It should be noted at th...

7 Tabiat Orang Kaya Yang Nampak ‘Miskin’

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Lebih 76% rakyat Malaysia tidak mempunyai simpanan mencukupi bagi menghadapi masa sukar atau kec...

Anak Malaysia CEO Gaji Tertinggi Di AS

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INDIVIDU kelahiran Malaysia dilaporkan menerima gaji t...


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5 Kepentingan Website Untuk Pemasaran Bisnes

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  "Ko berniaga, tapi tak ada website. Apa la…” Kalau anda berniaga, tapi tak ada website, ia dah macam bisnes anda ni tak wujud. Kalau anda hidup tahun 2017 ni, ma...

9 Sebab Kenapa Iklan Anda Sering Tak Approve Oleh FB

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Boleh dikatakan tiap hari, ada jer yg PM Sifufbads tanya kenapa iklan mereka asyik tk approvejer. Ada tu sampai tahap kena flagged terus.

How to Use Facebook Notes for Marketing

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Do you want to publish longer posts on Facebook? Have you tried Facebook Notes? Facebook Notes now lets profile owners add a cover image, format text and resize ...

11 Things Successful People Do By Age 30

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Success is not something easily attained, and you can’t expect it to happen overnight. It requires a particular mindset, determination, and of course hard work. Simply wanting to succeed is n...