11 Things Successful People Do By Age 30

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Success is not something easily attained, and you can’t expect it to happen overnight. It requires a particular mindset, determination, and of course hard work. Simply wanting to succeed is n...

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business

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We know that different businesses have diverse email marketing needs. We researched and reviewed dozens of email marketing software and came up with the ones we think are best for a variety of busi...

7 Tabiat Orang Kaya Yang Nampak ‘Miskin’

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Lebih 76% rakyat Malaysia tidak mempunyai simpanan mencukupi bagi menghadapi masa sukar atau kec...

Tutorial Link CIMB Kwik Debit Mastercard ke Steam dan Paypal

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Kwik bukanlah sesuatu yang baru, kerana ianya telah dilancarkan pada penghujung tahun 2013 lagi.   

32 Cool WhatsApp Tricks To Chat Like A Pro

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If there was ever a debate on which smartphone app we use the most, the winner would definitely be WhatsApp. The popular instant messenger is easy to use but it has some hidden features and tweaks&...

Panduan Lengkap Cara Membeli di Lazada

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Pertama kali saya beli online di Lazada Malaysia adalah pada awal tahun 2014. Mula-mula beli barang kecil-kecil sahaja, dan lama kelamaan saya dah jadi ‘lazada addict’ dan mula bel...

The 14 Best Online Form Builders for Every Task

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When you need to collect information, learn people’s preferences or gather feedback, there’s nothing better than a form. Sure, forms can be boring, but that depends on what tool you cho...

Cukai untuk Perniagaan Enterprise dan Perkongsian

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Bagi perniagaan Enterprise (Milikan Tunggal atau Perkongsian), keuntungan perniagaan akan dikira sebagai pendapatan individu. Oleh yang demikian kadar cukainya adalah berdasarkan kadar cukai indivi...

Kepentingan Akaun Semasa Untuk Bisnes

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Jika anda ingin memulakan perniagaan, membuka akaun semasa adalah penting. Jika anda menjalankan perniagaan sama ada bisnes online ataupun di kedai, sebaiknya anda membuka Akaun Semasa sama ad...

15 Cool Telegram Messenger App Tricks

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Telegram Messenger, which started off as a capable WhatsApp competitor in 2013 has been growing at a steady pace. The company recently announced a landmark of 100 million active monthly users, whic...