JomBiz Booking and Reservation Module


How to use Guide – Using this module is fairly easy you just need to configure the Booking and Reservation module from opencart admin as per the screenshots


After edit Booking and Reservation module, add this like:


After save this go to Catalog > Products and edit any product in which you want to add reservations ,there you will see a booking and reservation tab, click on it. Complete all the fields according to guidelines for many booking in one day and save this.


Add times for every day or use close option



For one booking for many days will be as below and create as you want to give reservation slots.

one booking for many days 1


After clicking on add booking button, a popup box will open where you can create slots according to your need.

one booking for many days 2


After adding this slots will be like below screenshot and there you can edit and delete as per need.

after edit any time slot you’ll get the same popup box again but with value and there change values and click on update button

one booking for many days 4


That slot will be updated as below screenshot.

one booking for many days 5

After doing all these process click to save and reservation for this product will be available at front end.



As per the admin configuration product will display with reservation module .Here customer can choose time slot and pay.Here you can see nice display of time slots, customer can choose any one which in not booked .


1) One booking for many days :


Reservation options where customer can not directly enter timings.


When customer click on book now button then a popup box will open and as below screenshot and you can book any of the available slots.


After clicking on add to cart button for any slot, that will be added to cart and will display message as below screenshot.

single booking for many days fornt end cart


Then any customer come , see that slot is booked


While booking any slot if customer is not logged in an admin has set that quest checkout is disabled then error will be shown and add to cart button will disappear.

single booking for multiple days front end login error


2 ) Many booking in one day:

Front end for the many booking in one day will remain same as above but when you click on book now button then you’ll get a calender where only those dates will be enabled on booking is allowed and other will be disabled.

many booking in one day front end 2


If booking is closed for any day then it will display close message.

many booking in one day close day error


If there is booking slot on that day and not closed then it will show all the slots where some may be booked and some are available.

many booking for one day front end 3


After clicking on add to cart button, it will add this product to cart with reservation details.

many booking for one day front end cart


if customer is not lagged in and admin is not allowing quest checkout then customer can not buy any reservation and will get error as below.

many booking in one day front end login error




Backend Reservation Management – now admin see this info in Admin Panel in reservation tab,Where


info shows according to enable reservation product. Here you will see applied booking on all products in both booking types.

Dashboard booking and reservation admin


For many booking in one day, click on the same option and you’ll get all product list as below screen shot.


After clicking on booking link you’ll see all booking under that particular product.

many days in one booking bookings


For one booking for many days.

one booking for may days view


After clicking on booking.

one booking for many days bookings